About Green Bell Peppers

  • They were very common Mexico and Central America and spread throughout the 16th and 17 centuries, where now they are grown all around the world
  • Green bell peppers are harvested before they become ripe
  • Bell peppers are low in calories and have no grams of fat
  • Bell peppers are not seasonal fruits, so they are available all year round
  • They contain many vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E
  • Bell peppers are used in many recipes

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Fun Facts about the Cabbage Plant

  • Cabbage is very high in fiber, vitamin C & K, and is fat free and cholesterol free.
  • Cabbages have a lot of fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • Cabbage is considered one of the oldest vegetable in the world
  • There are many cabbages grown all over the world but the common ones are the Green and Red in the United States

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We hope we can help!


This page is dedicated to tips that Amanda and I have come with gardening tips in order to help everyone else succeed in growing a garden. We have also come up with health tips that will benefit other in a positive way as well as providing healthy recipes that we hope you will enjoy! 🙂

Gardening Tip #1


Beautify vacant lots: We took an empty space of grass and turned it into a small garden.

We did this by…

‣ Raking the grass until only dirt was visible

‣ Removed rocks

‣ Laid down soil and cow manure

‣ Planned where we were going to plant the plants according to the suggested distance apart from each plant

‣ Digged holes for each plant

‣ Placed plants in designated spot

Health Tip #1


Gardens may offer physical and mental health benefits by providing opportunities to:

• Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables: we planted tomatoes, cabbage, cantaloupe, strawberries, & green peppers

• Engage in physical activity, skill building, and creating green space: planting a garden takes hard work and commitment. It is a great way to be active and helping the environments. For this project team-work was very beneficial.